Sure as Autumn Flame

The lady.

Upon her conversion to, tis’ is a place where the random musings and angst continue to haunt the digital literary world. It does not help that she’s as elusive as one’s glimpse of a shadow, nor the fact that she has likened herself to a contemporary Pandora’s Box.

This may set to change over the span of the next couple of years. Deleting away 2003-2006’s history of blog posts and glancing at snippets of writing, the sentences strung have matured from a girl to a lady, from a lady to a woman. The beauty of blog posts – they reflect your phases in life, your growth in character and your blossoming into a fine person.


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Comment by bibomedia

It’s been too long since
I’ve touched these keys
They’re dusted over
Just like these dreams

But on a pre-dawn morning
A thought struck me
A sentient arrow
A rekindled memory

Of a certain flame
Of a certain name
Of a certain heart
That refused to be tamed

And so I sought you out
Searched the sky
For your cloud
And yes, your words they
Still burn bright

Comment by madpoet


Good to have you back!

Comment by xp`

Wonderful blog. You’ve got some delicious postings going on here. Keep going. I’m going to link you off my blog.


Comment by DD

Thanks DD!

It’s a pity I don’t have time to write as often due to my crazy schedule. Do drop me your blog link, if you do not mind another reader.


Comment by xp`

Of course not V. My blog URL is


Comment by DD

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