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A Bowl Full of ICE CREAM to inspire
April 14, 2011, 8:40 pm
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A Bowl Full of ICE CREAM by TK Cheng

I have the honour of knowing a good friend who has inspired me through our coffee sessions and late night suppers. What made me very proud of him is his new status as an author of a children’s book. A Bowl Full of ICE CREAM was his gift to me, with “stories to inspire change and motivate excellence.”

Sure, it was written for children, employing the art of story-telling and favourite things such as ice-cream flavours to convey morals and values of life. I often found myself going back to the book to flip through a story, to relax and reflect, to enjoy a storytelling session, to discover the inner child within me again.

It can be almost as simple as “The Shortest Tree”, a story that tells of determination and managing failures, or “A Magical Forest” to help you learn about relaxation. Compare three seedlings who have each withered, got uprooted by strong winds, with only the shortest and tiniest of them all eventually growing into a large tree. You know, that sort of heart-warming happy stories. In the increasingly cynical environment we find ourselves battling through, A Bowl Full of Ice Cream reminds us how simple life was as a child, and how the values we learned carved the persons we are today.

There is something about lying in bed tucked under the comforter, reading a simple story book that does not threaten to question your progress in life nor sets you thinking, that becomes strangely peaceful. For once, you stop thinking about work, you slow down in your pace of thinking just for that rare five minutes, and you retire to bed calm and ready for the next day. This does not happen all the time, but I am just saying it helps.

Or pick up a colouring book and revive your crayon days.