Sure as Autumn Flame

Mojito, extra mint please.
April 26, 2009, 12:24 am
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Esplanade’s rooftop garden finally served its true alternate purpose when Orgo succesfully bidded a 2 year’s stay atop the Esplanade. Formerly conceptualized as a mobile pub when they were humbly at the banks of Singapore River just below the Central, Orgo revealed its quiet magnificence when I paid them a visit after a musical feast on Friday night.

Well known for their real fruit martinis, kick ass mojitos and cute Japanese bartenders, I cannot imagine why would anybody NOT sit at the bar. I shall refrain from discussing the bartenders’ appeal, but you know how it is when guys do their “thing”. Ultimately sexy. Disclaimer: That’s my opinion though, you may not discuss this further.

Orgo makes a tidy little niche Lego construction, with deep chocolate brown rattan-weaved chairs lining the brightly-lit bar, arranged in squares and transparent air-conditioned boxes with lounge chairs within. Pick your choice – lounge in comfort or brave the current sweltering heat in Singapore, although I would go with the latter to enjoy the cityscape and in future, Marina Bay Sands completed.

Music matters not here – one sits to peaceful silence and constant murmurs from conversations all around, or listen to the wind blow in his/her ears. I loved the peace that came along with Orgo, drowned in the whirring of blended cocktails and shaken (not stirred) martini art.

Just remember to order their kick-ass mojitos too. That’s one more to add to the list of chill pill pads.


I have Meow’ed
April 25, 2009, 4:03 am
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I thought I got it right this time, spending a good $110 for decent Cat 3 seats at the Esplanade Theatre, ensuring centre stage view for the girl-friend and myself – to finally get my musical fix for 2009.

The highly anticipated Cats musical was severely dampened by terrible accoustics and sound engineering – the mike fizzled out halfway and we couldn’t hear ’em singing for about 5 seconds. Singing was muffled for a scene or two, and I thought the supporting cast was way better than the female lead. To summarize, it wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t good either. The cast came across as a brillant theatre group, complete with skills ranging from singing to dancing to acrobatics, although I personally thought they exhibited a stronger dance element in the performance.

Stars of the night were dominantly Munkustrap, male lead singer, and Rum Tum Tugger (my personal favourite) – self obsessed, flamboyant, showy…with that little hint of arrogance but you know deep down he’s a pretty nice guy (*ahem* cat) inside, together with sopranos Bombalurina and Demeter. I liked how clearly they articulated their words and how rich their vibratos were. I would think that the cast spend a week observing felines in their natural behavior, given how they so skillfully tumbled, slid and swayed their hinds with utmost agility to the rhythm.

A pretty sound performance overall, pity about the lack of a live orchestra, which I thought made one helluva difference to a good and bad musical. The female lead was struggling to catch up with the pre-recorded music in her solo, which very unfortuantely killed the power of that stanza. What…a pity indeed.